Georgia 3 Disaster Medical Assistance Team
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The Georgia 3 Disaster Medical Assistance Team (GA-3 DMAT) is part of a larger program called the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS). This system is part of the Federal Response Plan to natural and man made disasters with the task of health and medical care in austere environments. NDMS also has memorandums of understanding with several federal agencies to provide medical support to certain special events.

The GA-3 DMAT has had several deployments since it's inception in January 1991. These include: Hurricane Andrew 1992, Albany GA floods 1994, Hurricane Marilyn 1995, Olympics in Atlanta 1996, North Dakota floods 1997, Ice Storm in Upstate NY 1998, Hurricane George 1998, Hurricane Floyd 1999, NC floods 1999, NATO Summit in Wash D.C. 1999, Operation Provide Refuge for Kosovo Refugees at Fort Dix N.J. 1999, Nike World Games 1999, World Energy Conference 1999, Papal Visit to St. Louis MO 1998, Inauguration 2000, Houston TX Floods 2001, Terrorist Attacks on Wash D.C. and New York City 2001, and Haiti  2010.

These include where team members were called for deployment individually as well as full team deployments.

The Team when deployed is 35-50 members made up of a cross section of the health care fields. These include but are not limited to Doctors, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, Paramedics, EMT's, Communications Experts, Logistics Experts, Security Specialists, and Administrative Support Staff.

To field this many people we have to have a base of 3-4 times this many persons on our roster due to fluctuations in availability of our personnel. At the time of deployment, team members are sworn in and become temporary federal employees paid commensurate with their position. This also affords workers compensation and malpractice insurance for deployed team members.

The GA-3 DMAT has had a long and proud service to the people of the United States and will continue to provide the "Best Care Anywhere" to those in need into the next century.


Hurricane Andrew - Full Team

Albany Georgia Floods - Partial Team

Hurricane Marilyn U.S. VI - Full Team

Summer Olympics Atlanta - Partial Team
Hurricane Fran - Ful Team

North Dakota Floods - Partial Team

Ice Storm Upstate NY - Partial Team
Hurricane Georges - Full Team
Papal Visit St. Louis, MO - Partial Team
State of the Union Address - Partial Team

Hurricane Brett - Full Team
Hurricane Floyd - Full Team
Hurricane Lenny - Full Team
NC Floods - Partial Team
NATO Summit Wash. D.C. - Partial Team

Kosovo Refugees Ft. Dix - Partial Team
Nike World Games - Partial Team
World Energy Conference - Partial Team
Egypt Air Crash - Partial Team

Inauguration - Partial Team

Houston, Tx Floods - Partial Team
Pentagon Attack 9/11 - Full Team
WTC Attack 9/11 - Full Team

Winter Olympics Salt Lake City - Partial Team

Hurricane Isabel - Partial Team
Hurricane Floyd - Partial Team

G-8 Summit - Partial Team
Hurricane Charley - Full Team
Hurricane Frances - Partial Team
Hurricane Ivan - Full Team

Hurricane Katrina - Full Team

Hurricane Ernesto - Full Team

Hurricane Dean - Full Team

Hurricane Gustav - Full Team

Hurricane Ike - Partial Team

Haiti Earthquake - Full Team

9/11 Anniversary Ceremonies - Partial Team

Hurricane Isaac - Full Team
Hurricane Sandy - Full Team


National Peace Officers Memorial - Partial Team



Hurricane Matthew - Full Team


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